Celebrity Wedding First Dance Songs

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What will your favorite star couples dance to on their big days?

We haven’t attended a whole lot of famous people’s weddings, but we imagine they are fantastic affairs with peacocks wandering around and ice sculptures of the happy couple and passed hors d’oeuvres that are never too small or too messy. And of course, given that the famous people are often trained performers, we expect a lot out of their reception dancing. Surely they can do better than that couple from Minnesota! But not every famous couple can be Khlodom, slow-dancing their way into a lifetime of bliss to the dulcet strains of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross singing “Endless Love.” Here are some couples and what we’d like to see them play at their lavish destination weddings.


Madonna & Jesus Luz

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Jesus Luz and Madonna

The twice-married Madge has said she’ll never tie the knot again, but if she did make an honest man out of her boytoy, model Jesus Luz, we imagine their reception playlist would go a little something like this:

“Cradle of Love,” Billy Idol

“Grown Woman,” Mary J. Blige

“What Child Is This,” Sarah McLachlan (but only if they get married in December)

“Like a Prayer,” by the blushing bride herself

Justin Timberlake & Rihanna

Justin Timberlake and Rihanna

Justin Timberlake and Rihanna

Justin  has dated a basketball team’s worth of beautiful women, and now that he’s moved on from Jessica Biel to Rihanna (um, maybe), we’re wondering if the Bahamian beauty could be the one. Their nuptials would blend blue-eyed soul with reggaeton in a particularly odd way.

“What Goes Around,” J.Tim (we didn’t write the song, he did!)

“On to the Next One,” Jay-Z

“Better Be Good to Me,” Tina Turner

“Southern Man,” Neil Young


Kirstie Alley & Jamie Foxx

Kirstie Alley and Jamie Foxx

Kirstie Alley and Jamie Foxx

Kirstie spent the week tweeting frantically about her torrid affair with Jamie Foxx, which makes us feel weird in ways we cannot explain. Come on, that is a strange pairing. Stranger than Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg. But, you know, we wish them the best, and that Jamie would also take to social media to express his feelings for all the world to see. Their wedding songs would all have titles 140 characters long or fewer.

 “Fat Bottomed Girls,” Queen (Kirstie would think it’s funny)

“Digital Girl,” remixed by the groom

“Black or White,” Michael Jackson


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Look, it’s been on the cover of OK!, so obviously the Twilight lovers will be getting hitched any day now. We’re sure that out of deference to their many passionate fans, they’ll choreograph the wedding itself to match every detail so lovingly set down by Stephenie Meyer, right down to the part where Kristen gives birth to a telepathic vampire baby six weeks later. And also, Kristen will ride to the ceremony in a Popemobile in case some addled Twihard takes a shot at her. But before all that nonsense, they’ll dance like the precious undead butterflies they are.

Everything ever written by Vampire Weekend and Muse

“Go All the Way (Into the Twilight),” Perry Farrell

“My Boyfriend’s Back,” The Angels

“Pocketful of Sunshine,” Natasha Bedingfield

“Delilah,” Tom Jones


Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa

These two actually are getting married, and we’re pretty sure they’re the kind of Christians who wear promise rings but don’t ban all pop music and dancing. (That would be ironic, right?) One thing you can bank on: The reception probably won’t include anything by Miley Cyrus. Or Taylor Swift.

“Like a Virgin,” Madonna

“White Wedding,” Billy Idol

“When You Say Nothing at All,” Allison Krauss

“I’d Rather Dance With You,” Kings of Convenience

bridezilla image photoBy Amelia Robinson – Dayton Daily News

According to eyewitness accounts, the youngest bridezilla in the history of the world exploded last week at the Target near the Dayton Mall.

There was gnashing of teeth and crocodile tears after the little angel didn’t get exactly what she wanted – a glossy bridal magazine.

As a source close to the investigation reports, the 5-year-old tenderly asked her mom to purchase the magazine that no doubt features tips on floral centerpieces design and “something blue.”

“The mother said, ‘No, we’re not getting married anytime soon’,” my source reveals. “The little girl went nuts and said, ‘But, I want to get married!’ ”

Not to say I don’t relate to this child, but when I was that age, I was more concerned with developing a career as a shoeless tap dancer and/or an internationally known jelly and peanut butter swirler.

But alas, kids think the darnedest things and love fairy tales.

I was no different. OK, a little different.

For years and years, I thought my grandfather’s bodiless friend lived under his four post bed. The disembodied head, Frank, would roll out every morning to discuss the Cuban missile crisis with my grandpa.

There was no reason for my irrational thinking. My granddad never spoke of Frank and I never actually saw him (or did I?).

But in my head there was a head named Frank — and in that little girl’s brain there was a million dollar wedding to plan.

The mother was blocking progress.

The girl probably has a very good reason to think she’ll nab a husband by second grade.

It seems the thing to do — nearly 2.2 million couples said I do in 2008, according to TheWeddingReport.com.

And if that little girl doesn’t do it by, let’s say 23, she figures she’ll be a big, fat loser with a hairy face mole and Sour Patch Kids in her teeth.

Not to say having a lavish wedding ceremony isn’t wonderful, (it can be), but come on?

Why is being matched with a man and parading around in an expensive white dress still so critical to a woman’s identity?

Aren’t there other fantasies little girls should be having, too?

All things bridal are everywhere. Look no further than chick flicks like “29 Dresses.”

And more are likely to come a TV set near you.

Rainbow Media Holdings last week announced the launch of the Wedding Central channel and www.wedcentral.com.

The Web site and channel, now only available on Cablevision in New York, will feature weddings and relationship stuff all the time.

Shows include “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding,” “I Do … Let’s Eat!,” and “Bride vs. Bride.”

It seems the tiny bridezilla isn’t the only one obsessed with wedding fairy tales.

According to Rainbow, the company behind We-TV, the women who like bridal programming are most likely to be in their 30s with a median income of about $58,000. They are 33 percent likely to have a household income of more than $100,000 and make the key decisions about household purchases.

With that in mind, it’s a wonder there aren’t more major meltdowns at Target over glossy magazines.


Rolling Stones

(Reuters Life!) – Want to blow your guests away with the music at your wedding? Hire the Rolling Stones who are bound to make a big impression on your family and friends — as well as on your bank manager.

The veteran British band has topped a list of the 12 most expensive music acts to perform at weddings that was compiled by Britain’s Living TV. They charge about US$8 million to perform but only agree to private shows if they are already on tour.

Here is the list of the world’s 12 most expensive wedding acts as compiled by Living TV, a unit of Virgin Media Television. Reuters has not endorsed this list.

1. Rolling Stones

2. Elton John is the second most expensive, charging over $2 million for private performances although all earnings from his private concerts go to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation

2. Australian popster Kylie Minogue also charges about $2 million

3. U.S. singer Christina Aguilera charges up to $2 million

4. British pop star George Michael charges almost $2 million 

5. George Michael: $2 million

6. Amy Winehouse: $1.5 million

7. Paul McCartney: $1.5 million

8. Leona Lewis: $1.5 million list

9. Jennifer Lopez: $1.5 million

10. Barry Manilow: $1 million

11. Rod Stewart: $1 million

12. Duran Duran: $1 million

small budget beach wedding

Dusty Ricketts – NWFDailyNews.com

Some businesses find a way to thrive even in the toughest of economic times.

During the Great Depression, movies and radio found great success as relatively inexpensive forms of entertainment.

While many businesses are struggling today, one niche enterprise has done well. The popularity of beach weddings has continued to grow this summer.

“The beach wedding business has been great,” said Darrel Jones, executive director of the Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council. “We get an average of seven to nine leads a week (at the TDC). That has grown each year.”

The TDC has advertised its beach wedding opportunities in a popular wedding magazine called Knot. Jones said that has been successful in drawing couples to the Emerald Coast.

Although beach weddings have been big business in the area for years, the economic slump had organizers worried.

“I knew it was a reality out there that people were hurting and people were having to cut back” said Cecilia Cappella, owner of Tropical Beach Weddings in Navarre. “Everyone was concerned. I was concerned as a business owner, being self employed, but I have not seen a decrease at all.”

Cappella said she did not have any wedding cancellations this summer because of lost jobs or anything to do with the economy. She said she only had one couple call to downgrade a previous plan.

Financially, Cappella said she was even with last year’s summer numbers. Things have gone so well this year that Cappella has decided to expand her business next year to add another wedding crew to her staff to increase the number of weddings her company performs.

“It was a very good season. We’re still doing weddings. I’m slammed for September,” she said.

Maggie Halsey, owner of Barefoot Weddings in downtown Fort Walton Beach, said the biggest advantage to a beach wedding is the savings. She said a typical church wedding costs $10,000 to $12,000, whereas the most expensive package she offers is $2,500, which includes the bouquet, photos, chairs, music, decorations and officiating.

“It has been phenomenal,” Halsey said. “I have been really blessed. I just took my first day off since July 4 this past Sunday.”

Chicago Cubs fans to say vows at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field wedding baseball wedding

From OneWed.com

While wedding planning, couples who are hard-core baseball fans may consider incorporating their favorite team into their nuptials – maybe with a cake topper, colors or favors.

Some brides and grooms take their passion even further and tie the knot on a baseball field. This Labor Day weekend, Jennifer Moran and Michael Blair will wed at Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, the News-Gazette reports.

Moran told the newspaper the idea arose because the pair had gotten engaged, but were struggling to get excited about wedding planning.

“I’m not really a girly girl, more of a tomboy,” she explained, adding that choosing a wedding dress and wedding flowers was “the last thing on my mind.”

So, baseball stadium nuptials seemed just the right theme to get both of them excited. According to the article, the pair will walk down the aisle to the theme song from the film The Natural, and guests will dine on hot dogs, corn and ice cream sundaes.

In the past, some couples who tied the knot at Wrigley Stadium have also featured their names in lights on the giant marquee outside.

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum

By Anisa Kadri  – DigitalSpy.com

Jenna Dewan has revealed that she has really got into cooking since her marriage.

According to People, Dewan, who wed Channing Tatum in July, admitted that she started to enjoy cooking a lot after being given lots of kitchen accessories as wedding presents.

She said: “I’ve been really passionate about it, so I’ve been learning some new dishes and getting into it.”

Dewan also said that she is thrilled to be married: “I’m so unbelievably happy. I get happier every day, if that’s possible.”

The pair hope to move from Hollywood to Tatum’s hometown of Wetumpka, Alabama in the future.

Bill Selig and Sarah Lefton let the good times roll during the shtick portion of their reception.

Bill Selig and Sarah Lefton let the good times roll during the shtick portion of their reception.

by Stacey Palevsky – Jweekly.com

Some might say Sarah Lefton and Bill Selig met by accident.

Others might call it fate.

For years, Sarah had looked for her beshert at parties, classes, mixers and synagogue programs. She also tried JDate. But no one she met was quite right.

Then, one Friday in March 2006, after going to the Mission Minyan and a Shabbat dinner, on a whim she decided to stop at a friend’s house for dessert. And that’s where she met Bill.

They clicked immediately. They went out to a sushi restaurant on their first date. Bill casually mentioned to Sarah he had tickets that night to an acoustic show by Frank Black (of the Pixies) at Café du Nord — if she wanted to go.

“When I squealed and said, ‘Oh my God, yes!’ he knew it was going be a good date,” Sarah said.

Sixteen months later, Sarah was in Israel for a conference. Bill surprised her there, and proposed while they were on a sailboat in the Red Sea off the coast of Eilat.

In February 2008, they wed in an egalitarian Jewish ceremony at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco.

“Part of the appeal of getting married where we did is of course that it’s upstairs from Café du Nord,” Sarah said.

Bill is a stage director and actor. Sarah created the Jewish Fashion Conspiracy T-shirt line and currently produces

G-dcast, an Internet cartoon series based on the parsha of the week.

The couple lives in San Francisco.

Something old: Instead of tossing the bouquet at the end of the night to a gaggle of embarrassed single women, Sarah presented it to the couple with the longest marriage — her great aunt and uncle Sophie and Ralph, who have been married for more than 60 years.

Something new: In recognition of the couple’s many LGBT friends at the wedding who could not legally marry, “We interrupted the traditional chuppah ceremony to pour out a glass of wine onto the floor to ‘lessen our joy’ — Pesach style,” Sarah said.

The gesture was “received with tears and appreciation, and was extremely important to us.”

Bill and Sarah encourage other marrying couples to consider adding such a gesture as a public recognition of legal injustice.

Something borrowed: The couple decided to save money by not hiring a band, and instead borrowed music from friends and relatives.

“Our friend Jim, an ethnomusicologist, provided an amazing sampling of simcha dancing music,” Sarah said. Another friend, Evan, taught the guests to sing “our favorite niggun” as Bill and Sarah walked down the aisle.

Something Jew(ish): Both Bill and Sarah wanted to immerse in a mikvah before their wedding day, but neither felt that a traditional mikvah was the answer.

So they decided to visit the waters of the “wild and freezing” Pacific Ocean at Baker Beach. Sarah went under starlight the night before the wedding and Bill went early in the morning on their wedding day.

Both brought their best friends to supervise.

“It was both meaningful and exhilarating,” Sarah said.

How to Have a Fairytale Wedding for Cheap

cheap wedding fairytalefrom TheDailyGreen.com

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable events in your life. However, in the current economic situation, you are probably cutting back on expenses for your special day.

That’s why Minoo Hersini, creative director of Au Ciel Design Studio, has some tips on how to respect your budget while still having that fairytale wedding you always dreamed of:

– Invite fewer guests. Limit attendees to your close family and friends.

– Look into unusual spaces such as barns, galleries, studios, rooftops. Also, consider the use of your home and your friends’ and families’ homes.

– Choose a location that is in a close vicinity to your guests.

– Create a more casual environment by sampling food dishes.

– Create your own cocktail. Find an original name to reflect your wedding.

– Use the most creative people in order to give you the simple solutions for decor.

– A great DJ is the way to go instead of live music.

– Encourage your guests to donate to a specific charity of your choice.

Wedding bells ring amid food-on-a-stick

married couple

Heidi and Scott Komorouski

From New Richmond News

Once upon a time, a young River Falls couple entered a contest to win a fairytale wedding.

Three weeks ago, 22-year-old Heidi Foster and 24-year-old Scott Komorouski learned — on live TV — they’d won the $18,000 package that includes everything from clothes, flowers and cake to rings, a honeymoon suite and the coolest of venues.

The couple weds on live TV at the Minnesota State Fair Friday, Aug. 28 during the 3-4 p.m. KSTP/5 Eyewitness News show, “Twin Cities Live.”

“Our first official date was at the State Fair,” said Komorouski.

Their history with the fair was one thing that swayed contest judges to pick their application over the other 199 received. Their wedding planner, Gretchen Culver, helped judge the contest.

She said judges looked for 1) a good State Fair story, 2) someone who would appreciate the opportunity and 3) true love and excitement about a life together.

Their application was one of only two submitted by a husband-to-be.

Foster saw the contest online and told Komorouski about it. She said he completed and sent the form with essay questions.

He found out they won on a Wednesday — two days before they were scheduled to appear on TCL as contest finalists. Keeping the secret, he went shopping at Wedding Day Diamonds to pick a ring that would replace the 50-cent gumball-machine plastic piece he’d given his love nearly two years before.

The excitement nearly swept Foster off her interview chair as she sat on live TV, found out they’d won and got a new ring to replace the plastic one.

“He proposed to me on the show on Aug. 7,” Foster said.           

Komorouski said he was just praying as he got on a bent knee that he wouldn’t fall off the tall stool while getting in position to pop the question.

Theirs will be the only wedding taking place at the fair this year, according to the TV station KSTP (5 Eyewitness News). As far as Foster and Komorouski know, it’s the first time a couple has wed during a live TV broadcast from the fair. It’s also the first time the 1-year-old TCL show has held the contest.

Dream wedding details

As the beaming couple approaches the big day, they describe a whirlwind two weeks of dress and tux shopping, cake tasting and lots of meetings with Culver, who they frequently characterize as “awesome.” Both say despite the short time frame, planning has gone smoothly and easily for them.

They say planners have focused on their preferences during the entire process.

Foster said her two bridesmaids will dress in fuchsia-colored dresses. She found herself a beautiful gown at Pearls & Lace too but won’t reveal too many details.

As of last week, they said the only outstanding detail is to take dance lessons. The honeymooners will also spend their wedding night in Minneapolis at the Hotel Ivy.

The couple’s parents live in New Richmond and, along with other family and friends, will come to the fair for the ceremony and a reception afterward. The bride and groom were given a small number of admission tickets to offer guests.

She said about their loved ones, “They’re really excited.”

Foster and Komorouski met four years ago through mutual friends introducing them. They began dating about two years ago.

They’d planned on marrying but never made it any more official than Valentine’s promises made on the plastic ring.

The two moved to River Falls from New Richmond in the last few years. She just graduated UW-RF with a degree in communications and works as a marketing coordinator in Inver Grove Heights.

He says a small layoff at former employer O’Keefe left him between jobs and thinking about returning to school.

Foster and Komorouski say the whole FAIRytale wedding experience feels surreal, like a dream. They’re excited and welcome everyone to share in their joy by watching the broadcast or joining them live at the fair for the wedding.

He said, “Everyone’s invited.”

She said, “We’re making history here!”

The FAIRytale wedding comes to Foster and Komorouski courtesy of KSTP/TCL, Bellagala, Wedding Day Diamonds, Pearls & Lace Bridal and Formalwear, Men’s Wearhouse and the Hotel Ivy.

Bride nearly a no-show at fairy tale wedding

left at altar,bride no show

Sarah Schopp and Jonathan Silver celebrate at Deerhurst Resort.

Heather Greenwood Davis – TheStar.com

Sarah Schopp’s romance had all the makings of a fairy tale.

First there was the older brother of her childhood friend who turned out to be a “prince” of a guy.

Then there was his recognition, years after knowing her as “that kid who came around to see his sister,” that she was the “belle” for him.

And next came a fairy tale engagement among rose petals and candlelight.

But it almost went topsy-turvy when she locked herself out of the room in which the wedding was being held. “It was the longest 30 seconds ever,” recalls her husband, Jonathan Silver.

He was standing at the front of the room waiting for his fiancée to make her appearance when she failed to show.

A trick door was their undoing: The door through which her bridesmaids, the groomsmen and even the couple’s parents had entered was now locked. Schopp, standing alone outside, hearing the music play her grand entrance, realized she was locked out and there was no one to tell.

Instead, she hiked up her gown and ran to another door. Soon, a slightly frazzled bride made a shorter walk down the aisle, to the relief of her groom to be.

It was one more test of fate for a couple that’s no stranger to tests of fate.

The two first met when they were kids. Silver’s younger sister was Schopp’s best friend in elementary school and when Schopp returned to Toronto after completing university, her old pal lit the spark, suggesting that the two were a perfect match.

At the time, Silver was living and working in California so an encounter was unlikely. Then things were further complicated when a friend of Schopp’s, unaware of her growing interest in Silver, expressed interest in him after visiting him in California.

But an immigration snafu was the unlikely engine to set the wheels of romance in motion.

Silver came home for a wedding and was denied return access to the United States because of a glitch with his visa. Instead, he went to see his sister and it happened to be a weekend when Schopp was staying over.

“I saw Sarah, and I said to Naomi, `Sarah looks really cute these days,'” Silver, 32, recalls.

When Silver suggested they go hiking together, Schopp made sure to tell her friend.

“It was a little awkward at the beginning, but she got over it,” says Schopp. “She knew Jon wasn’t the one for her.”

One hike led to two and soon the fast friends had spent months enjoying each other’s company and common interests that included being outdoors and “weird Korean movies.”

Things grew serious after Silver invited a bunch of friends, including Schopp, for a night of camping. By the night of the trip, she was the only one who hadn’t cancelled. They pitched a tent and were sitting outside talking when a storm started.

“We ended up building a big bonfire and sitting outside in the rain, just talking and hanging out,” Silver says. “When the rain stopped, the stars came out, and it was perfect. Then we kissed.”

For Silver, love was always there.

“I think I knew right away. It took Sarah another three or four months to figure out that she was on board.”

“He was my first real boyfriend,” she counters by way of explanation.

She soon realized she wanted him around forever and although Schopp picked out her rings, the proposal details were left to Silver.

He set the stage for months by telling her all the ways he might propose: A ring in a bag of Scrabble letters while they were playing; or on one knee during a couple’s massage. He had fun watching her expect something week after week, especially during a weekend trip to Vermont, knowing full well he had a plan in motion back in Toronto.

“My brother had come to my house on the Saturday that we were coming back. He put like a million flowers I had bought the morning before and candles everywhere,” Silver recalls. By the time they got home, Schopp was tired after a weekend of non-proposals.

“She was so mad at me by then,” he recalls, laughing. “When she walked in the door, her face just dropped. She was so surprised.”

A champagne toast, a speech and an engagement followed.                      

Wedding planning started immediately. They knew they wanted an event, not just a day, and planned for a weekend-long intimate occasion for friends and family at Deerhurst Resort. An out-of-towner dinner, golf tournament and more filled a fall colour weekend in the woods capped by a Sunday wedding in a small room at the resort with a large window overlooking the trees.

After the ceremony, a cocktail reception on the patio preceded dinner in the ballroom.

Dancing included the traditional Jewish hora, a first dance was to the Motown hit “Cruisin” and in a moment of pure happiness Schopp developed her new signature dance move. Wearing her white strapless gown, she did a running slide through her husband’s legs and landed on her feet.

“My parents were, like, `I didn’t know Sarah danced,'” Schopp recalls, laughing. “I don’t know what came over me. I wasn’t even drunk! I was having the best time of my life. I was having so much fun with all my friends and family. I guess I was just so high on life.”

Silver agrees. “It’s a moment I’ll never forget. We still feel like it was the best day of our lives.”

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