George Clooney engaged to Amal Alamuddin


Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney celebrate Rande Gerber’s birthday Sunday in Santa Barbara, Calif. Marcel Winston/Getty


If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

At a private dinner on April 27, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin showed off their newly engaged bliss – along with the bride-to-be’s new ring.

In an exclusive photo in this week’s PEOPLE, the couple joined close friends Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, in Santa Barbara, Calif., just five days after Clooney proposed to the stunning London lawyer, to celebrate Gerber’s 52nd birthday as well as their own happy news.


Alamuddin’s engagement ring. Marcel Winston / Getty

In another exclusive photo, Alamuddin has her hand resting lovingly on the back of her fiancé’s neck – providing a close-up look at her ring, which Clooney helped design. It features an ethically mined emerald-cut diamond estimated at 7-plus carats and two tapered baguettes set in platinum.

In PEOPLE’s cover story, sources reveal more details of the surprise engagement. On April 22, Clooney proposed the traditional way – on bended knee.

The actor had visited Dubai in March to meet his Lebanese-born, Oxford-educated leading lady’s family, spending time on a yacht excursion with her siblings, says a relative of Alamuddin’s.

“They found George very easy to get along with, cool,” the family member tells PEOPLE. “They felt at ease with him immediately.”


If you are like Elizabeth Taylor, Mae West, and Zsa Zsa Gabor, diamonds are one of your great loves! You most likely love it when you catch a flash of brilliance and fire out of the corner of your eye, and you adore how they make you feel when you wear them. When it comes to your engagement ring, there are glamorous styles to fit every budget! Look for elements such as pavé set diamonds, split shanks, halos, and three stone styles. Here are some dazzling rings to inspire you!

Sienna Diamond Ring

The Sienna Diamond Ring is a complete showstopper! When set in this stunning engagement ring, your center diamond will be surrounded by a halo of bright French pavé set diamonds. Dazzling side stones bring this ring to the next level of glamour.


Infinity Diamond Ring

True love is eternal, which is why the Infinity Diamond Ring is the perfect symbol for your union. Delicate strands of diamonds twist together to form an infinity symbol on either side of your center gemstone. We love this glamorous setting!
Sapphire Victorian Halo Ring

Sapphire Victorian Halo Ring

Try a sapphire style! The Sapphire Victorian Halo is all about luxury. Pavé set diamonds, milgrain details, and a sparkling halo make this antique style sapphire ring regal and gorgeous. Set any glittering round or cushion cut sapphire in this setting for a stunning, colorful engagement ring!
The Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones

The Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones

The Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones is a glamorous classic. A gorgeous halo of pavé-set diamonds allows your center diamond sparkle even more. Diamonds adorn the thin band, adding a dazzling elegance to this sought after engagement ring.
The Ellery Ring

The Ellery Ring

We love glamorous antique rings! These engagement rings are from past romantic eras and frequently feature a stunning amount of sparkle and shine. The styles are one-of-a-kind, so revel in the fact that this dazzling piece is all yours! Check out the Ellery Ring and others like it in our antique engagement rings gallery! – See more at:




We’ve talked about a lot of wedding hair and makeup trends this year, ladies—so now that New Year’s is nearing, let’s predict what looks will be the most popular for brides in 2014.

FROM: Glamour
1. Braids!

We’ve talked about wedding braids for a while, but I think more brides are actually going to wear them in 2014. A mainstay on the red carpet in recent times, braids are no longer just a cute option for casual days—women are realizing that they can look totally glamorous and dressed-up. I think brides who are looking for something really romantic and a little bit different will be wearing braids in 2014, whether that means one long simple braid or several smaller ones woven into an updo (like the braid crown shown here, which are supposed to be a big trend next spring).

Braids Bride Style 2014

2. Cat eye makeup

This is another makeup trend that’s been going strong for a while now and will finally become popular with brides (who as a group don’t tend to embrace beauty trends that are too fleeting). The great thing about cat-eye liner is that while it’s so popular right now, it’s also a retro look, so it reads as totally classic in your photos and works with almost any wedding gown. Also, we saw lots of cat eyes on the Spring 2014 runways, so you’ll be right on target if you go this route.

Bride Makeup Cat Eyes

3. Pretty pink lips

Notice-me berry and baby-pink lips were a big makeup trend on the Spring 2014 runways, and I think pink will be the favorite statement lipstick color of brides next year. Not only are they a bit less committal and bold than red, they go perfectly with favorite wedding flowers like peonies—and feel simultaneously fun and romantic (like any good wedding should!).

Bride Pretty Pink Lips
Andrea Casiraghi Weds Tatiana Santo Domingo

Andrea Casiraghi Weds Tatiana Santo Domingo


When Monaco royal Andrea Casiraghi married heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo on Saturday, their wedding was unlike any other royal nuptials – the boho bride wore a simple garland of flowers in her tousled hair, instead of a crown.

New York-born Santo Domingo, 29, who has a 5-month-old son, Sacha, with the second-in-line to the throne, wore a full-length Missoni gown with three-quarter-length sleeves and opted for flat silver sandals instead of heels for the late-morning ceremony in the grounds of the Prince’s Palace, Hello! magazine reports.

Casiraghi, 29 – the eldest child of Princess Caroline and the late Stefano Casiraghi, who died in a speedboat accident in 1990 – wore a dark suit, white shirt and spotted blue tie.

After the ceremony the couple posed for photos with their Boston Terrier, Daphne. They were joined for an al fresco lunch by the pink palace’s pool by 400 guests including the principality’s ruler, Prince Albert, designer Karl Lagerfeld and members of the Missoni family.
Celebrations continued that evening with a party at the Hotel de Paris where the bride changed into another white Missoni gown, this time with longer sleeves, while the groom (who is the grandson of Hollywood-star-turned-Monaco-princess Grace Kelly) wore a tux.

The couple, who were introduced to each other by Casiraghi’s sister Charlotte, dated for seven years before announcing their engagement in July 2012.

Kendra Spears Weds Prince Rahim Aga Khan

 Kendra Spears Wedding To Prince Rahim Aga Khan

Kendra Spears Wedding To Prince Rahim Aga Khan


Going from model to princess sounds like a life plan out of an 8-year-old’s fantasy, but Kendra Spears has proven that this trajectory is actually quite possible. The American model married her prince on Saturday August 31, 2013 in a private ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kendra Spears Wedding To Prince Rahim Aga Khan

Kendra Spears Wedding To Prince Rahim Aga Khan

Spears and Prince Rahim Aga Khan, the eldest son of the Imam of Shia Ismaili Muslims, had a traditional Muslim wedding at Château de Bellerive (she converted to Islam before the ceremony). The 25-year-old Seattle native wore a sari by Indian designer Manav Gangwani Couture, who was recommended to her by model pal Naomi Campbell.

Although she’s now known as Princess Salwa Aga Khan, Spears was touted as the “next Cindy Crawford” after launching her career in 2008. As the face of Escada, Prada and other top brands, she enjoyed a successful run as a model before announcing her engagement to Prince Rahim in April. Luckily, she’ll have plenty of fellow fashionable faces to welcome her into the family — Prince Rahim’s father was married to British model Sarah Croker-Poole, and Rahim’s grandfather was married to Rita Hayworth.

2012 Engagement Ring Trends


pear cut engagement ring


By: Shannon McCarthy

Engagement rings are more trend-proof than other types of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean styles stay static. Choices in these sentimental stunners have lately expanded to include dazzling color, tributes to the past and even a bit of social conscience. Read on for the latest and loveliest in betrothal baubles.


Halo Settings

The halo is heavenly and there’s more than one reason why. First off, this style skews a little vintage, which has been a popular engagement ring trend for a few years now. Plus, Natalie Portman sports a double-halo ring, so there’s some celeb buzz for the shape. The unbroken circle also symbolizes the unity of the happy couple, and, on a more practical level, those framing stones make the center solitaire appear larger, which is never a bad thing. (That main stone need not be a diamond – Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a modified halo with a big blue sapphire taking center stage.) You’ll usually find this setting paired with relatively slender bands typically embedded with pavé stones or rich milgrain work. The most of-the-moment variation uses colored stones as the halo while the center stone shines clear.

Colored Stones and Metals

There’s no question that the past decade’s favorite engagement ring pick was forged from white gold or platinum and set with a white diamond. Every good trend must come to an end, and we’re now seeing more ring choices glowing with color. The priciest are colored diamonds in yellow, pink, blue, chocolate and even edgy black. The next tier offers other precious and durable stones like rubies, emeralds, tanzanites and sapphires of all hues. Much more affordable, but just as eye-catchingly colorful, are the semi-precious picks in citrine, blue topaz, garnet and peridot. Don’t forget the metal – yellow gold is making a serious comeback (with a special subset of yellow diamonds set in yellow gold bands), and rose gold is truly the tint du jour. For those that can’t decide, have it all with a two-tone engagement ring in white and yellow.

Antique and Vintage Style

Everything old is new again, as the appetite for engagement rings that reflect the past shows no signs of diminishing. Think:  the ornate detailing of Victorian and Edwardian jewelry, Art Nouveau’s free-form curves or the glamorous architectural lines of Art Deco design. Engagement rings echoing these eras are heavy on embellishment, with intricate metalwork creating mesmerizing bands and settings, and milgrain and filigree accents adding a sense of substance. There’s also frequent use of pavéd and micropavéd stones, which increases the dazzle factor, even on rings in which the center stone is of a more affordable, smaller-carat weight. Floral and nature-inspired designs offer curvilinear charm and leaf motifs, while the more geometrically clean choice of a three-stone ring both harkens back to the Victorian era and symbolizes a couple’s past, present and future.

Twisted Bands and Intricate Settings

A dazzling solitaire stone is usually the focus of an engagement ring, and while we know that this center rock is going to continue being the star, there’s something truly exciting going on with the newest bands and settings. Twirled, twisted and trellised, these intricate ring designs mesmerize us with movement and playful asymmetry. Of course, carved metal is part of the show, and sometimes pavé-set stones sparkle and play across all those curves. Braids and basket-weaves offer a sculptural look, and high-profile settings reveal more metalwork and highlight the solitaire. Split shanks look modern, as do bypass rings, especially if they use a tension setting to hold the main stone. Two-tone rings sometimes swirl one arm of color over another in a contrasting hue for the best of both whirls.

Conflict-Free Diamonds and Recycled Gold

This is one engagement ring trend that isn’t about looks – it’s what’s inside that counts. For those trying to avoid the “blood diamond” trade (stones that are sold to fund insurgencies or warlords), a gem market has opened up, backed by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, which ensures your diamond is conflict-free. To take it in the “green” direction, select rings forged from recycled gold, platinum or silver. These are perfect for the couple dreaming of an eco-wedding and can sometimes be purchased with matching wedding bands. Estate rings are another possibility when both a yearning to be ecologically responsible and a true vintage look is desired, as they’re authentically reused, as opposed to the “mint vintage” reproductions on the market.




marriage proposal planners


By Hannah Rand


We’re all familiar with how wedding planners can navigate us around the tricky maze of getting married.

But now a new industry has emerged, for helping men pop the question in the first place.

Proposal planners have discovered a demand for lavish scenarios, be it white doves, helicopter rides, a favourite musician – all with a photographer on hand to record the magic moment.

Of course such imagination and execution doesn’t come cheap. Planners can charge thousands of dollars to plot proposals as meticulously as the wedding day itself.

Sarah Pease of New York-based Brilliant Event Planning says she only focused on weddings until she heard how one friend’s proposal involved an engagement ring at the bottom of a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

‘I figured there must be a better way,’ she told the New York Times.

Ms Pease offers decidedly more romantic options – among the ideas she lists on her website are a ‘glittering New York City evening’ and ‘the romance of a morning in Paris’.

Her fee is $500 for coming up with a proposal idea but can run up to $12,000 if you want her to orchestrate the entire process.

However, men have come under fire for using the service with critics arguing they should have the imagination to come up with their own idea.

Unsurprisingly, this is something proposal planners don’t agree with.

Michael A Bloomberg, of An Exclusive Engagement in Fort Worth, Texas, told the Times that prospective husbands come to him because it’s ‘the one thing the guy has control over’.

He admits most find romance bewildering, and they know they just have one shot.

Michele Williamson of The Heart Bandits, a Los Angeles-based marriage proposal firm, agrees, especially given that women have an array of aides to consult when it comes to organising the wedding.

The idea is much less mercenary than it sounds, she wrote on the Huffington Post.

‘The client doesn’t just give us cash and say “Come up with a great proposal idea,”‘ she explained.

‘We interview the client and ask him a ton of questions about his girlfriend, how they met, and other special details about their relationship. The client spends a lot of time during this interview process answering questions most men probably couldn’t even remember.

‘Next, we use the interview responses to put together a proposal and tell a story about the couple in a creative way. The client is very involved in the entire process,’ she added.

So, guys, even if you enlist the help of a proposal planner, you’ll still need to come up with a few romantic ideas of your own first.
Read more:–PROPOSAL-planners-help-man-pop-question.html?ITO=1490



Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott marries drummer Chris Tyrell

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott marries drummer Chris Tyrell


By Daily Mail Reporter


Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott said ‘I do’ to her drummer lover this weekend as she married Chris Tyrell in an intimate New York ceremony.


The country music star, 25, tied the knot in front of close friends and family just six months after 24-year-old Chris’ July proposal.

Hillary Scott and ChrisTyrell wedding

Two become one: Lady Antebellum star Hilary Scott married drummer Chris Tyrell on Saturday in Upstate New York, six months after getting engaged


Just A Kiss singer Scott posted a video message on her website, expressing her excitement about married life.


‘We got married,’ she says flashing her wedding ring.’


‘We just wanted you to hear it from us first. We love you.’


‘We’re so excited to be starting our life together and we just had to let you in on the exciting news.’
Scott and Tyrell married in Upstate New York on Saturday.

Hillary  Scott marries drummer Chris Tyrell

Hillary Scott marries Chris Tyrell


In the video, the songstress appears in her custom made Vera Wang strapless wedding dress, complete with crystal and pearl beading.


Tyrrell was clad in a grey suit for the ceremony, designed by Ermenegildo Zegna with a black shirt and a tie.


They danced their first dance to Steven Curtis Chapman, who performed at the ceremony for them, a spokesman for the star told


Scott’s Lady Antebellum bandmates Charles Kelley and recently engaged Dave Haywood were not able to attend the ceremony.


But the spokesman added: ‘They look forward to celebrating with both Hillary and Chris in the coming weeks.’


Scott revealed details of the romantic proposal to People magazine last year.

She gushed: ‘Chris proposed exactly the way I’ve always dreamed.


‘Our families were close by, but it was just us out on a beautiful deck overlooking a lake in East Tennessee.


‘We had just been on a hike and – in our workout clothes – he hit the knee! We feel so blessed by God that He sent us each other, and we are looking so forward to forever together!’
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Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza Engagment ring

Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza engagement ring



Since they already have a two-year-old daughter together, Mario Lopez knew he had to find an extra-special engagement ring for his girlfriend of four years, Courtney Mazza.

As detailed in the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday), the Extra host, 38, proposed to Mazza, 28, with a gorgeous, 5-carat diamond engagement ring over New Year’s weekend in Ixtapa, Mexico.

“The platinum setting is swarming with round brilliant-cut diamonds all the way from under the finger to the collar of diamonds that encircles the center stone,” jewelry expert Michael O’Connor tells Us in a description of the future Mrs. Lopez’s new bling. “Mario clearly knows that platinum will hold all of the diamonds securely forever, including the impressive brilliant-cut center diamond. The estimated price tag: $80,000!”

The couple, who have been together since 2008 and are parents to 2-year-old Gia, plan to wed in Mexico later this year.
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Drew Barrymore Engaged to Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore engaged to Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore engaged to Will Kopelman


Wedding bells are in the air for Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend – art consultant Will Kopelman.

The couple got engaged in Sun Valley, Idaho, a source tells PEOPLE.

Kopelman proposed with a colorless radiant-cut diamond ring by Graff.

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman engagement ring

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman engagement ring

“They are very happy together,” adds the source.

Barrymore spent about 10 days over the Christmas holiday in Sun Valley with Kopelman, where they were spotted at the romantic Vintage restaurant and picking up organic salads at Kiki’s Café. Onlookers tell PEOPLE when spotted out and about, the couple graciously posed for pictures.
Though the two never officially confirmed their relationship, they have been linked romantically since February of last year.

For most of 2011, they were nearly inseparable, spotted everywhere from Broadway shows to sporting events together.

It will be the third time down the aisle for Barrymore, 36, who was married to Tom Green from 1999 to 2001 and to Jeremy Thomas briefly in 1994.

Barrymore’s rep didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

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